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Charities are the Worst Brands on Social!

Look it may sound harsh, but I’m serious. Charities throw nothing but right hooks tweet after tweet!

I founded a charity organization for children in war zones and refugee. I’m also politically active to stop the circumstances that put them in that place. I’m intrigued by what the Jab,Jab,Jab Right Hook principles that can be applied to charity organizations with that parallel paradigm, what are the best social channels from your point of view and how to best use them?”

I’m on the board of Pencils of Promise, which is a charity organization that builds schools in third world countries. I’ve been so happy that I have been able to bring my expertise to the organization. The organization has been doing so much better on social media with donations. As bad as big companies are on social media only with only throwing right hooks, charity organizations are even worse.

Every fucking tweet is “donate this and for every dollar you re-tweet this that” or “@GaryVee can you re-tweet this” this happens to me every fucking minute 40 times a day. I have been approached by a non-profit / charity organization 80 times this week to re-tweet for a campaign none of which said hello to me before asking me. It’s absurd to me the Jab,Jab,Jab Right Hook in an NGO world is the best you know why? because the jabs are the height of emotions you want to put out for example: pictures of that scenario are jabs guess what you give me enough of those pictures, enough people share them, I see them and you will be able to land that right hook on me. With that Jab you have persuaded me into giving you money instead of just sending me a tweet and impulsively asking for money. The NGO space is the worst! They’re so stuck in asking for money that they aren’t romancing their donator.

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