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Don’t be Crippled by Perfection!

If your intention is pure then there is nothing wrong with apologizing.

How to strive for perfection without being crippled by it! “Gary so I have been a chef and event manager for more than two decades and the philosophy has been you’re only as good as your last event, you’re only as good as your last meal. You have been the seminal figure in deconstructing that so thank you! Now in the social media realm can you speak to that of not letting perfection be your enemy?”

Intent trumps all! I think the second you really understand what I just said you become far more lucid in your communication. I’m never scared to doing “the wrong thing” of tweeting the wrong thing or promoting too much, because if I know I’m wrong I’ll apologize. I actually consulted one of my clients to do something wrong on purpose, so we can say we’re sorry because I think the sorry, is more valuable than the status quo.

I’m not crippled by perfection or it has to be perfect or anything in that nature as a matter of fact one thing that I’m most scared about with this book coming out is people critiquing what I’m putting out; content wise against my own speaking, because what I’m doing I’m still testing so I’m still putting out links that auto populate the pictures on Facebook. I am always testing and “I’m like all man this is going to be tough to explain, because someone is gonna jump in and be like Gary Vee you just wrote a book about it why are you doing this?” I’m never crippled by it, intent matters!

When I reply to a person saying listen I’m still testing baseline, because Facebook’s always changing and they are like “ohh” and there is more value for me to continue the smarts than me being crippled by doing the wrong thing.

I think it’s quite simple, I think that if you’re willing to respect your haters or the people that don’t agree or the people that are upset with your last meal as long as you’re willing to respect them and have true dialogue, you can’t lose.


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