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Find Out Why I Hate Mobile Banners

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Marketing is all about context and hitting the right social trigger at the right time. People would pay twice as much for a cab, because it is going to save them 7 minutes. We are living through a really interesting time. Do you know what really pisses people off when it comes to time? When people advertise in your face, when you are trying to do something else on your cell phone. For example I’ve been thinking about this lately a year ago when the Jets were going to trade Darrelle Revis, I was on every minute trying to see what was going to happen. I wanted to break the news to my brother-in-law before he broke the news to me.

I checked more than 1,400 times in a one week span. Every single time I would check for an update a Samsung banner ad would pop up, Samsung had probably bought a lot of inventory and they were using a lot of ad space figuring out how to advertise on mobile apps. Now back at Samsung at the advertising agency they were thrilled with the 1,400 impressions and even more happy with my click-through rate.

As many of you know those banner ads on your cell phone have very small X’s and I have big thumbs, so out of those 1,400 impressions I clicked the ad 24 times. Out of those 24 times that a Samsung ad popped up, I needed to give it a 300th of a second to get to what I wanted to do. Back at the Samsung advertising agency everybody is high fiving over those 1,400 impressions, because they are having a higher click-through rate than normal. Let me tell you something, using invasive advertising is not the answer to how to advertise on mobile apps.

Meanwhile in reality this is what is happening: Gary Vaynerchuk calls his wife and says “Lizzie this family is never buying another Samsung product ever again!”, after that I tweet to my million followers which only 3,000 of those people will see and I tell them how much I hate Samsung. I’ve been on tour for an entire year and I’ve been going on stage telling everybody about how much I hate Samsung. The data shows really good stuff, but in reality it was not the right answer for how to advertise on mobile apps.

Want to know how to advertise on mobile apps? We live in a world that in the last 70 years marketing and advertising has tried to play a game of width. We are living in a world where technology allows us to play in a game of depth and if you chose to and you know what you are doing you would do it at scale. What I’m really curious about is how do people not see what is going on.


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