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“How do you keep your productivity so damn high?”

I’m basically one of the luckiest people ever. That makes being productive pretty easy for me.

How do you keep your productivity so damn high?

People always want to know how to be so productive. There is only one real answer and it’s not a very scalable answer compared to everyone else’s answers on how to be extremely productive running a business. The truth is my business productivity is very high because of gratitude. I’m outrageously grateful for the fact that I was born in the Soviet Union, which was the last communist country. I was lucky enough to be born in a time when the Soviet Union was struggling and they were trading people for wheat. Trying to leave the Soviet Union was tough, no one was able to travel anywhere, but I was able to leave the country because Israel and the United States had made a pact to get Jews out of Russia by trading wheat. I was able to get out of there and I was able to come to the greatest capitalistic country.

I was born to two amazing parents, my mom building my self-esteem to a point where I could think I could do anything. My dad teaching me word is bond, which saved my ass, because boy am I a bullshitter at heart! Unfortunately I lost 3 of my grandparents when I was 4 years old, so I haven’t really known a lot of death in my family. I’ve been given the one talent I think over indexes my success which is salesmanship and business skills.

My productivity honestly has been completely predicated on gratitude on the things that I have been gifted, also I just can’t let all that good stuff down. I feel like I can’t let myself down, because I was so lucky! It’s up to me to do the right thing, so gratitude is how I keep my productivity high.

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