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How one phonecall got me an advocate for life.

It doesn’t take long to make an impact!

People underestimate the business value of one to one interaction and one to one marketing. It’s not about the time, its about the time you allocate in the value of exchange. On my way here after I landed I had about 13 minutes and I tweeted out to my audience “Tweet me your phone number and I will call you” and so a bunch of people did and they were not worrying about privacy, because they are putting up their number’s and I had already called 11 people by the time I got to Chase’s for breakfast. When I arrived I was getting ready to take a shower and I quickly checked all my tweets and one guy said “ It didn’t take Gary Vee a lot of time, but now I am an advocate for the rest of my life” that phone call cost me around 39 seconds. You can make a lot of impact with a short period of time or you can do nothing with a long period of time. There are people who live their whole lives without making any impact. It’s not always about scale. Especially in 2015 where it’s so difficult to get people’s attention – one to one marketing can go a very long way for your personal brand and for your business.

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