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It’s So Easy for All of Us to Change the World

The act of changing the world has been simplified and scaled down.

It’s so easy for all of us to change the world, I receive emails from people every day saying
that I did something for them whether it was, by reading my book or because I answered a question for them. Of course you have to start with yourself, because if you’re not in a good place you can’t really help anybody.

We have people that have built things that are touched by everybody and we think that means changing the world or that’s how you change the world. It’s so easy to change the world, one by one every person in here can do some good shit! Doing a good deed that is changing the world. I think that the way we’re viewing ways to change the world are by creating charity water or building something as big as facebook, but you don’t need to create an enormous charity or organization, it can be simplified and I think it is more scalable one-on-one. I believe that is how everyone can change the world.

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