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Jarno Laasala, Going from Filmmaking to YouTube, & The Secret to My Energy | #AskGaryVee 284

On episode 284 of the #AskGaryVee Show, the amazing Finnish filmmaker and stunt performer, Jarno Laasala stops by, and we talk about:
– How Jarno got into filmmaking and how he got started on YouTube
– Finding a healthy work-life balance given your ambitions
– Raising money from investors and VCs versus the people that are closest to you

12:04 – I’m a Finnish YouTuber that started making videos full-time two years ago – I’ve heard you (Gary) say that you wish that you had more fun when you were younger as opposed to working all of the time, how do I find a good balance for that?
17:41 – How do you keep yourself accountable when it comes to health and wellbeing? Also, how do you keep up your energy levels when always working?
30:04 – I’m in the process of acquiring a company that has amazing technology with a ton of potential, which millions of dollars were spent on, but zero attention was paid to the brand… If you were in my position, would you keep the old brand and make it great or create a whole new brand for the company?
32:18 – I built a big personal brand in Norway and got a bunch of gigs with Broadway, but now I want to get into motion pictures, but I don’t know a practical way of going about it without raising money… What would you suggest I do, raise money or build a brand around motion pictures?
41:46 – I wrote a book in Finnish on Artificial Intelligence and it became a best seller in Finland. I’m getting the book translated right now and wanted to know if I should go the traditional route of finding a publisher or should I self-publish the book?
45:20 – I was in the middle of raising my second round in Silicon Valley when my wife called and told me she was leaving me. I went back to Finland, lost my wife, and didn’t raise the second round, so I was homeless for 5 months. Should I just let the first startup fail or should I try again?

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