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My biggest strength is also my biggest weakness whats yours? (scaling the unscalable)

Alot of people say that your biggest strength is also your biggest weakness or vice versa. Your biggest weakness is your biggest strength what is yours?

My personal and business strengths and weaknesses are the fact that I’m trying to scale the unscalable, that’s the reason why people care about me, because I’m doing things everyone deems that it’s not scalable and I see an opportunity, because most people won’t do it. On the flip side calling people for those twelve minutes did allow me to scale business. For a real life example, there is a business scope that I need to approve that is going to make us millions of dollars in 2014. I have made this mistake before, I’ve done the unscalable thing and I have let the big thing pass me by. This was one of the easiest question for me to answer today. The fact that I’m trying to scale the unscalable is what makes me so popular in the marketing community, but you also need to find a balance between your strengths and weaknesses.

It’s important to know how to find your strengths while also understanding that those strengths can work against you if you’re not self aware. But if you’re able to identify those strengths (and weaknesses) and balance them out, that’s where some of the best business can happen

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