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Smart Everything: The Biggest Culture Shift of Our Time

The only constant is change, and in the internet age we need to understand that we are living through the biggest culture shift of our time. There’s a huge cultural shift happening on the web around business, marketing and one to one relationships. You’re going to walk up to your refrigerator in a couple years, and you’re going to open it and your refrigerator is going to be a smart refrigerator and it’s going to act like smartphones act. Remember when cell phones used to look like bricks? The same way our cell phones have become smartphones and they aren’t what they used to be.

The same thing is going to happen with our refrigerators. When you walk into your kitchen you are going to have a smart refrigerator (like smartphones). This refrigerator is going to know your buying habits. For example when you walk in to your kitchen and you open up your fridge. You are reaching to grab your last pepsi, your refrigerator is going to scan it and order it for you directly from the manufacturer. Do you know who this is going to affect? This is bad for wal-mart, costco, target ect. I think we are massively underestimating how big this culture shift is. Smartphones are just the beginning of smart everything.

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