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The Future of Wine

The way that 20-somethings are into wine these days is totally mind-blowing to me. Honestly, we’re going through an incredible period for wine drinkers, and I’m proud to have helped usher it in 😉

I’m very interested in the wine business and I personally think its one of the most romantic markets out there, where do you see wine going?

The wine business in America is in a really good spot. We are passed that douchey phase. In the 1970’s, 80’s and so forth if you drank wine you were a douche. Drinking wine during that time period meant that you were fancy, snobby and wealthy and there was no middle class. The middle class started merging in the mid 90’s and the wine spectator Robert Parker became the engines that drove the wine business.

I’m very proud of myself and everything I have accomplished. I know that one day there is going to be a wikipedia entry talking about my legacy and the effect I had on the wine business. When I started with WineLibraryTV it became the preview about what was going to happen in the wine business, we live in a incredible democracy of wine now. For 15 years Robert Parker the wine spectator basically dictated Americans who cared about wine. In this present time we are in a place where people are trying new things.

America as of 10 years ago mainly drank 6 or 7 different varietals of wine. People weren’t willing to try different wine’s. I grew up in the wine business and I tried to get my friends in the mid 90’s to get into wine and they had no interest in it. Now it blows my mind how the interest for wine from the age sector of 21-34 has grown. In this present time we are drinking different wines, from different parts of the world. The quality of wine is greater than ever, because of the technology of knowing what the weather conditions might be. In the past you were able to buy a really crappy bottle of wine for ten dollars. But now it’s become really hard to get a bad bottle of wine for ten dollars. I actually miss the wine business, I started at the age of 15 up until the age of 35. I was burnt out when I decided to do the agency with my brother and investing and so forth. I am finding myself gravitating back towards wine and I think that it is a great time for the wine business.

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and innovative entrepreneur. Find more at

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