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Tweeting Multiple Times a Day

If you scrolled through my feed and you saw the same tweet a few times, would you hold it against me? 😉

What do you think of people on Twitter who are posting the same thing more than 4 times a day?

I think that’s an interesting Twitter strategy, in 2013 I posted the same message on Twitter more than once for the first time in seven years. I agree with Guy Kawasaki on this tactic for using Twitter. The Twitter stream is so busy that if you have something you want to say you have to be strategic. I didn’t tweet the same message multiple times on twitter from 2006 to 2003 but now I do. I don’t think it’s spam, I think what I’m doing is when it’s nine o’clock in the morning eastern time and I wanna say something that’s important I’m smart enough to realize that it’s 6 o’clock in the morning in San Francisco, when I have a fan base there. It’s all about social media optimization and understanding the nuances of the platform within a specific context. Sometimes social networks are busier than others, so you have to be smart about when to post on Facebook or dark post on Facebook or post on instagram or run Twitter ads. And to that same points, platforms should get busier as they grow.

I understand on the flip side the reality is the stream has become so busy that some people are missing some information that can come up on their twitter stream and not to mention it’s so fast everything is microseconds, but you’re not so fucking devastated that you’re seeing something a second time. It’s not the end of the world! I saw a fucking tweet a second time not to mention given the fact that I try very hard to provide value and respond to bring the tweets scale and without good content I can’t put any value in. So while there is value in social media optimization, it’s always better to overdeliver.

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