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Why Bother Speaking to Smaller Audiences?

Guys, building relationships is something that works differently at different scales. In intimate settings, things change and you can build real depth.

Why bother speaking to a smaller audience?

This is not an all or nothing game, but if you are asking me how to reach an audience; I can tell you right now it’s all about width and depth. The entire hour that I have been here I could have reached a hell of a lot more people, with the amount of time that it took me to arrive and go back. But marketing your business is not all about how to increase reach.

I’m reaching right now, I’ve had a lot of close connections with people and most of them have been digital. Strategizing how to increase reach in the digital world is important. How many people have known about me for more than 3 years and they have never met me in person before? What I think about often is I did all those technology wise things, as a gateway drug to this moment. I figured out how to increase reach in order to build more, closer relationships in the long term. What I did in the past led up to this and it makes my words influence you even deeper than before.

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